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Compact disc spine sticker from Gwen Stefani's "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." album.

Cut out picture of singer Toby Keith with rainbow trail, affixed to van dashboard.

Cut out photo of Fall Out Boy's singer and bassist, Pete Wentz, with cut out phrase "Appetite for destruction" taped on to appear as if it is coming out of mouth. Affixed to van dashboard.

Cut out photo of Axl Rose with cut out sex position illustration taped on it, both taped to van dashboard.

Torn-out paper with image of an animated hot dog character, affixed to van dashboard with a "Superfood for your Heart" produce sticker.

Paper clipping of the words, "I enjoyed your wine," above a sticker or clipping of an Old Style beer bottle with the word "Dogmatic" on it, both affixed to the van dashboard.

Warning sticker reading, "Do not hang anything on", affixed to inside of rear driver's side van door.

National Organization of Women Bumper Sticker reading, "Keep your laws off my body", and affixed to inside of rear driver's side van door.

Sticker from the William J. Clinton Presidential Center, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Torn off head of a skeleton decoration, taped to van interior.
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