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Paper clipping of the words, "I enjoyed your wine," above a sticker or clipping of an Old Style beer bottle with the word "Dogmatic" on it, both affixed to the van dashboard.

Anna Kramer sticker, altered by Jason Molina to read "Mark Rice," and "Bandanna ram".

Tube and potentiometer in plastic baggy. Likely returned after same were replaced by a repair person.

Old components which were replaced in a guitar amp: switches, jack parts, and tubes. Green wasabi pea?

Two packages of animal prints from tourist shop or truck stop, 12 prints in each: Prairie Dog Town and North American Wildlife.

Three unopened packs of Alka Seltzer brand antacid tablets.

"Requiem in D Minor" sound recording by Anton Bruckner on vinyl long playing (LP) record. Nonesuch Records H-71327. Purchased second-hand on tour by Jason Molina, The man depicted on the cover (presumably Bruckner) strongly resembles Jason Molina.

Humorous postcard. Text reads "'Another Sightseeing Jackass' in Arkansas" and depicts a jackass wearing sunglasses.

Artist's festival pass wristband from All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, April 27-29, 2007, in Minehead, Somerset, United Kingdom, weekend one.

Audiovisual cable, .125" TRRS jack to composite video and audio RCA jacks.
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